Why Pike?

We have partnered up with leading CBD manufacturing companies like Hemp Master and Oprima to ensure quality and competitive pricing.

All of our CBD products contain CBD oil extracted from non-GMO cannabis plants that is locally grown by a licensed farmer that is approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, they have no toxic pesticide residues or other harmful chemicals. All of our other ingredients such as MCT oil(for tincture), vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol(for vaping) or seaweed extract CBD cream(topical) are in highest quality to maximize the effects of CBD and flavor.

Since our raw material is locally grown there are significant advantages to using Pike CBD, such as cost reduction in transportation and ability to utilize freshly harvested plants. Our manufacturing partners can produce up to 3,000 bottles of CBD products daily with less than two weeks turn-around time for shipping.

Our brand has been launched to cater to customers of all preferences whether you prefer taking it orally(tincture) or you are on the prowl for vaping a delicious CBD e-juice while enjoying the benefits of CBD for your chronic pain.